Ticket Printers

An authorized BOCA reseller, SeatAdvisor maintains a web store featuring a variety of cutting-edge and reputable printer options to suit any budget. From basic Lemurs that rely on receipt paper to 300 DPI Lemurs that can print on customizable thermal ticket stock, you’re certain to find a printer that can easily enhance your box office operations. Many of the printers SeatAdvisor carries can even be customized with internal storage, Ethernet connections, Bluetooth, auto-cutters, and more!

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Scanners & Other Hardware

Our web store also carries many additional time-saving hardware options for your consideration, including cash drawers, USB connected credit card swipers (that read drivers licenses in select states), but most importantly: Ticket Scanners. These days, maintaining secure access control is a must for many venues. For this reason, SeatAdvisor proudly carries multiple scanning options, many of which can easily connect to the Apple mobile device of your choice for speedy, efficient and secure admittance and reconciliation for each and every event!

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