In this time of increasing competition for people’s attention, it is critical to communicate with your current and future patrons in a broad and consistent manner. That is why we provide the powerful marketing tools that are highlighted below.

Automated Pre and Post Event Emails

SeatAdvisor provides the ability to send automated pre and post event emails from within SeatAdvisor’s innovative ticketing and patron management solution. This helps performing arts and other venues build better connections with their patrons by sending two different pre-event and one post-event emails. These can be automatically sent at custom intervals before and after each performance.

The internal template designer helps maintain the organization’s brand by easily customizing each email to include brand colors, logo and images. The emails can be personalized using dynamic tags such as patron information, event images, performance times and venue information. This allows an organization to create and schedule the emails once at the beginning of the season, resulting in a tremendous time savings.

SeatAdvisor’s newest feature also allows venues to:

  • Automatically promote their upcoming events
  • Save time and money by not using a 3rd party email system
  • Add a custom message for when patrons need to be alerted to special events or other important information.
  • Track and compare stats on email sends, opens and clicks with our integrated reporting.
  • Support large on-sales by sending an unlimited number of daily emails.

Social Media Integration

Leveraging the power of social media is an important way to get your message out about upcoming events. Your patrons are your fans, and they are excited about your events. From the moment they secure tickets, they want the world to know where they are going or how much fun they had, which is great news for you. SeatAdvisor’s intuitive social media integration is designed to make status updates and comments easy for your patrons.

  • The Facebook integration allows patrons to post or comment on the event throughout the online sales flow.
  • The AddThis integration encourages patrons to make announcements through the social media channel of their choice including Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and many more.
  • Valuable real estate on Print-At-Home Tickets can be designed to encourage “likes” and visitors to your organization’s social media accounts.

Sell Tickets Under Your Brand

You work hard to develop and promote your brand image on your website and other places. When a patron clicks a link on your website to purchase tickets or to donate money, it is important that your brand continues regardless of what page it goes to. That is why we customize your ticketing and donation pages on SeatAdvisor to match your brand. In addition, we can help you make sure your Print At Home ticket templates also match your brand. We want your patron to feel that they are always working directly with you.

Google Analytics

Your customers reach your site from many different channels, but measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns has always been next to impossible. With SeatAdvisor’s integration with Google Analytics, you can now see quantifiable and measurable results from any marketing channel, search engine, or online advertisement. This capability will allow your organization to measure site visits, transactions, ticket sales, and revenue for all online transactions, allowing you unprecedented data and visibility into the effectiveness of your website, email marketing campaigns, online advertising, organic search results, and overall online effectiveness.

Presales, Coupons & Promo Codes

There are many ways that SeatAdvisor can help you increase attendance at your events. If you want to reward your loyal patrons, you can arrange special pre-sales of selected events. This powerful capability allows you to restrict access to only patrons with certain attributes, set a minimum and/or maximum number of tickets, and create promo codes to use in your promotions.

In addition, you can determine the length of time the pre-sale is valid (from hours to weeks) as well as restrict available inventory by venue. In this way, you control all aspects of what you offer to your special patrons before they go onsale to the general public.

Email Marketing

You have the email addresses for hundreds or maybe thousands of patrons, but how you utilize them is truly an art. Sometimes a campaign targets donors, and other times they are used to announce events and on-sales. Or perhaps your organization opts to distribute coupons, promotions or even Holiday greetings. Regardless of your message with a given campaign, having a solid and reliable service available to you is of the utmost importance. For this reason, SeatAdvisor has integrated Vertical Response as our official partner for email marketing.

  • Say “goodbye” to exporting and importing contact lists, as SeatAdvisor communicates with Vertical Response in real time, simplifying list creation within your database.
  • Easily upload HTML files or use one of Vertical Responses hundreds of premade templates.
  • Real time reporting reveals vital details about your campaign including open rates, click-through rates, opt-outs and bounces.



“As a large horse racing facility we have a complex admission and seating structure & the SeatAdvisor staff handled our requirements with responsiveness and dedication.”
– Del Mar Thoroughbred Club