Online Ticketing

These days, many patrons believe going online is the only way to purchase event tickets. SeatAdvisor’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes online sales a breeze. An abundance of customization options are available to help organizations control what content is available to patrons online and just how the sales process should flow. Anticipating a heavy on-sale with hundreds or even thousands of patrons searching your inventory?  Don’t worry, SeatAdvisor was designed to handle these situations.

  • Inventory can be searched in real time via interactive SeatMaps or the ‘Best Available’ option 24/7.
  • Requiring Patron account logins is optional and controlled by the venue.
  • Social media plug-ins help patrons notify friends about their purchases.
  • Delivery methods are controlled by the venue and include Print-At-Home tickets.


SeatAdvisor maintains a distinct advantage with our elegant, architecturally accurate interactive SeatMaps which we introduced in 1999. They show the view from the seat as well as stairs and the location of the doors to help your patrons choose the best seats for them.

  • SeatMaps can be built for any type of venue including theatres, stadiums, nightclubs and racetracks.
  • Color coding clearly illustrates which seats are available for purchase.
  • Patrons can select specific seats to an event or utilize a “Best Available” search option before adding to their cart.

Mobile Access

More and more ticket buyers are using their mobile phones to purchase tickets. With SeatAdvisor’s mobile ready interface, your organization can provide the easy-to-use ticket buying experience your patrons are looking for.

  • SeatAdvisor detects when it is accessed by a mobile device and delivers the proper purchasing experience based on the user’s device.
  • Utilizing the Best Available search functionality, SeatAdvisor securely tickets patrons in mere seconds.

TicketResell, TicketDonate & TicketTransfer

Engaging audiences is a process that begins in the box office and lasts until the event is over, however during this period many unforeseen circumstances can arise, preventing ticket buyers from actually making it to the event. TicketResell by SeatAdvisor is our company’s response to recent trends in the secondary market wherein patrons have begun turning to third party resale sites when they can no longer use their tickets. TicketResell allows your patrons to price and list their tickets for resale through your organization’s primary inventory.

SeatAdvisor’s Patron Ticket Management functionality helps facilitate the resale of a ticket, the donation of a ticket back to the organization (TicketDonate) or the secure transferring of a ticket to a new patron (TicketTransfer). These options enhance your patron’s customer service experience while also ensuring each organization has the contact information for their actual audiences, as buyers and attendees are often different people. Additional benefits include:

  • Generate New Revenue: Patrons can price tickets and add back to your primary inventory for resale to new buyers. (Resell transactions entitle your venue to collect commissions set by you.)
  • Reach new audiences: Instead of empty seats, tickets can be resold or transferred to new patrons who might have otherwise not had the opportunity to attend your event.
  • Reduce Counterfeiting: When tickets are transferred or sold to new patrons, unique barcodes are generated.
  • Gain Additional Marketing exposure: Throughout the resale process, sellers can post listings and buyers can post purchases on social media.
  • Strategize Event Pricing: By monitoring Resell trends, making informed adjustments to the price scales of future events helps maximize revenue.


“Bringing the ticketing system in house has allowed us to save money, make more money, and it was the best decision I ever made.”
– King Center for the Performing Arts