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THE ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURE ARTS AND SCIENCES was founded May 1927. Besides putting on the Oscars, it also has numerous movie theatres that have regular movie showings as well as special evenings of Director’s cuts. The Academy is also in the process of constructing the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

The Academy’s Use Of SeatAdvisor

The traditional ticket selling and full box office functionality of SeatAdvisor Box Office (SABO) is used in the Academy’s movie theaters and venues in both Los Angeles and New York City. These include the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, the Linwood Dunn Theater in Hollywood, the Academy Galleries in Beverly Hills, and the Academy Theater at Lighthouse International in New York. The Academy needed complete control and functionality across multiple venues, seamless ticketing and patron management across those venues, but also venue – based user control with regards to access and functionality. With SABO, they get all of that.

Additionally, the Academy wanted complete control over the prices patrons would pay for tickets. This ultimately was the reason SABO was selected over TicketMaster. SABO’s flexible pricing options allowed for the Academy to select a structure that suited their needs and gave them the control on prices, extra charges, service fees, everything amounting to the end cost the patron would pay, that the board of governors were wanting.

The Academy was also demanding the level of personal support that they in turn give to their guests. SABO has terrific support and attentive account managers, the Academy recognized this immediately and it was a major part of their decision to go with SeatAdvisor.

Another way that SABO is used by the Academy is for the Academy Awards ceremony itself, the Oscars, as well as Oscar – related events such as the Governors Ball. The Academy uses the access control mechanisms of SABO extensively to control entry to their most prestigious and famous events of the year. The reliability, speed, and encryption capabilities of SABO’s access control are perfect for such high – profile events such as the Academy Awards. SeatAdvisor’s top of the line support is also a huge appeal here, as SeatAdvisor provides onsite support for the Academy Awards, as a back-up for Academy staff to rely on should the need arise.

Location: Beverly Hills, CA USA
Category: General Admission/Reserved “Music/Live Events”

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“The Academy wanted a system that could seamlessly handle multiple venues and give us the ability to be flexible. We’ve been a SeatAdvisor client for two years now and are pleases with the decision we made.”
– The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences